The Juice on The Juice

If you're looking for a raw foods website--this isn't it.

First thing to know about me is that I love cheese. I love ice cream. I love Hostess brand treats and snack cakes. I'm not a foodie, but I do enjoy creating tasty foods and sharing them with friends (that is, inviting them for dinner and serving weird dishes so they can't refuse). My wife enjoys eating my dishes, too, though she doesn't show much faith while I'm making them; for her, the proof of the pudding really is in the eating.

Anyway, I'm not living a lifestyle that fits with most of the other juicing websites I've read so far. This juicing thing is really an experiment. Only keep reading if you don't mind knowing waaaaay too much about me.

The Problem
I've been diagnosed with eczema (even though my symptoms are much more specific), IBS (seems like everyone is diagnosed with this these days), and likely have celiac disease (that means I shouldn't eat wheat, and definitely puts a damper on my Hostess habit. I also have a clubbed foot, but that's not something diet can treat). My wife has another autoimmune disease, and her doctor has prescribed a dairy and cane sugar free diet for the next while. So, here we are with our bodies showing us that something is wrong with all these symptoms--symptoms that actually affect our daily lives and inhibit us from leading what is a 'normal' lifestyle.

The Hypothesis
My wife's doctor recommended a movie, and we watched it (are you kidding? I can take that kind of medicine all day!). It's called "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" ( and features an Australian fellow who travels across America while drinking juice. Kind of a strange storyline, but it's a documentary, after all. Anyhow, he's got an autoimmune disease not unlike my wife's, and his symptoms are completely eliminated as he ingests nothing but juice for 60 days. He also loses a ton of weight, lowers his cholesterol, and makes friends across the country. It's pretty impressive, and he's not a health nut or some kind of apologist with an axe to grind. He's doing an experiment, and it works out well for him. I don't know why he had to drive across America to do it--doesn't Australia have roads?--but it makes for a pretty good show. So, if it works for an Australian in America, why not an American in America?

The Process
Whoa! Slow down! My fascination with Australia died down while I was in college--I stopped buying asymmetrical hats, talking like Paul Hogan, and humming the theme to 'The Man From Snowy River' while riding my bike down steep hills a long time ago. I'm not ready to follow this bloke off the cliff just yet. So, I am juicing every day, but I'm not to the point that I'm not going eat anything and drink only juice for sixty days! I mean, juice is fine and all, but it's no cheddar, know what I'm saying? Plus, I'm not ready with recipes of good things to juice, yet. Hence the blog.

Although I'm not ready to drink only juice, nevertheless, I did spend $300 on a juicer and that's way too much money to not use the device every day. And since I didn't find the kind of site I was looking for in my super shallow google search, I thought I may as well make one myself.

The Results
Since I'm juicing everyday and experimenting with all kinds of stuff, you get the results of my taste bud trials--or my wife's, if I can convince her to try something first. Also, not everything has to be a drink. Sauces and soups are great vertical markets for that juicer, and I plan to try all kinds of things. Thanks for joining me in this journey. Happy juicing.

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