Sunday, June 3, 2012


You may be brighter than me--you probably are--so you would never have juiced lemons and limes, added some sugar and thought you had lemonade. No, you would know that that concoction is strong enough to remove paint, and certainly the lining of your stomach and the enamel from your teeth! Wowsers, that stuff is killer. Straight lemon and lime juice is not the way to make lemonade, no sir. Here's a better route I tried tonight... Juice: Lemons and or limes (heck, they're the same in Spanish!) to make one cup of juice. Today it was two large lemons and four small limes. Dilute this with cold water--I used a gallon pitcher and added about three quarts of water. Now it's about right for drinking, and you can drink it straight, but I like it sweet, so I dissolved about a cup of sugar into the pitcher. Serve it over ice cubes, and cue up "Summertime".

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