Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Veg Breakfasts

See, you gotta think like Ocean Spray. Here's a company with waaaaaay too many cranberries. Sauce sells once a year for thanksgiving, and even that was a hard sell, I'm sure. So they got to thinking, what do we do with all these berries floating around? Juice 'em!

But, have you had cranberry juice? Even with a ton of sugar, it's enough to turn your face sour for a month. One time, when I was fourteen, and had just had surgery at the army hospital, the nurse...well, that's another story.

Anyway, Ocean Spray starts combining cranberries with other juices--apple, raspberry, pomegranate, etc. Suddenly you're buying cran-apple all the time!

So, what would Ocean Spray do if their bountiful basket was overloaded with bbell peppers one week...?

2 bell peppers (red ones really have a great color in juice)
3 Asian pears
Enough backyard apples to make a quart's worth of juice

Here's another one my genius wife made up. Think to yourself, What would Ocean Spray do if their neighbors kept bringing over zucchini?

A bunch of bananas
A bunch of zucchini
Surprisingly tasty.

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